The Foundation

The aims of the organisation are to encourage and develop junior golfers in the Lothian’s and Borders area. 

To help them be better people by learning them the disciplines, control and honesty required, while still enjoying the game and promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

From juniors just starting the game through to helping ones who hope to make a profession out of the game. We are going to provide support to golf clubs with both time and equipment, that will help develop existing junior membership and to provide them with a insight and understanding to the game and help them to maximise their potential. 

To co-ordinate with the clubs and run competitions at club level within all the age groups and create a platform in way of a 

"Race to Dunbar 

Creating a competitive and rewarding environment for the motivated and competitive juniors, to fastrack promising youngsters so they maximise their potential by supplying specialist training programmes and financial support. 

The long term aim of the foundation is to get more juniors playing and enjoying golf and ensure they all achieve 

“The Best They Can Be”