Firstly, we wish to express our appreciation to you for the patience and understanding that you have shown during the past 2 months.

In line with government guidelines we hope to commence fun competitions in June .  This document specifies what is required from our Foundation members in order to play golf at this time.  It is based on input and advice from Scottish Golf, the R&A, the British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association, the Golf Club Managers Association and the PGA.  The document will be continually reviewed and updated on a regular basis, considering emerging Government guidance and advice from the relevant golfing bodies.

The main objective is PLAY SAFE STAY SAFE .



To access the course a player must:

  • Not be displaying any symptoms of COVID 19.
  • Not be in self isolation.
  • Not have been around anyone with the illness for 14 days (to the best of your knowledge)



  • Bookings for future adult/child competitions should be done via our website and a draw will be emailed to you prior to the event taking place.



  • Travel to/from the golf course alone or with a member of the same household.
  • Arrive at the club no more than 15 mins before your allocated tee time.
  • Park in alternate parking bays and observe social distancing in the car park.
  • There will be no reception area in the club house and scores should be recorded on your mobile phone and texted or whatsapp to Scott or Stuart after the round is completed.



  • There is to be no queuing on the 1st tee - only those teeing off and the next group should be present but social distancing observed.
  • Only the next group to tee off will be allowed on the putting green (the holes on the putting green will be covered).
  • Any refreshments required must be brought with you, we will not be handing out water and cereal bars.



  • Social distancing must be observed throughout, the 2-metre rule applies.
  • Rubbish bins and divot boxes have been removed. The green staff will repair divots as regularly as possible.
  • Ball washers have been covered over.
  • Bunker rakes have been removed. Please use your club or feet to rake bunkers after use.
  • Benches have been removed.
  • Flagsticks are to remain in holes and not to be touched.
  • Hole cups will be covered/ are slightly recessed for contact free ball retrieval. All putts under 12 inches should be conceded.
  • Once a hole is completed, players should not progress to the next tee hole until the group in front have exited the tee box.
  • Do not double back if a ball is lost, unplayable or in a penalty area, and apply a “ready golf” attitude at all times.
  • Do not stop to catch up with friends that you haven’t seen during lockdown. The golf course, or the car park, is not the place to do that!
  • Equipment, food or drink must not be exchanged between players.
  • Players must not pick up another player’s equipment or ball.
  • Players must refrain from handshakes and high fives.




  • Final scores should be sent by text or whatsapp to Scott or Stuart before leaving for home. You will be given their phone number at the start of each event.
  • After their round, all players must leave immediately, and not gather around the clubhouse.
  • Results will be posted on our Website and Facebook and winners can collect their medals when it is safe to do so.
  • Members must immediately call/email the SG Foundation with any post round health issues relating to COVID-19 symptoms.

As mentioned in our introduction these measures have come about after consultation with various golfing bodies. Clubs throughout the UK will be implementing similar arrangements. By adhering closely to these guidelines we can all help ensure that a return to golf is made in a fair and safe way for all.


Any player observed not following the above code of conduct will be asked to leave the golf course.