Playing the golf course

General Facts Covid-19

Means of contamination - Respiratory droplets or direct contact with symptomatic individuals; Contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.

Means of entry to the body - Inhalation or physical contact with eyes, nose, or mouth.

Frequency of exposure – Constant

Numbers exposed – All Persons

Likelihood of contamination if coming into contact with the virus – Inevitable, however the controls listed below will reduce the risk to negligible/unlikely.

Likely sources of contamination on the golf course • Golfers Paraphernalia; Golf clubs; trolleys; bags; balls; tees; pencils; umbrellas; range finders (scopes) Mobile phones and others • Golf Course Furniture; flagsticks; hole cups; ball washers; bunker rakes; divot boxes; waste bins; gates; benches and seats; handrails • Club House Area; Keypads and security, Clubhouse Doors, Pro Shop doors; hire buggies; hire trolleys, Pro shop general areas; pro shop counter service • Other Persons; Other golfers; greenstaff; Clubhouse staff; Pro shop staff, visitors and deliveries, members of the public.

Players have been informed of the need for good hand hygiene, to wear if available biologically resistant gloves, for good social distancing practices at all times; not to enter the golf club grounds if suffering any of the symptoms of Covid-19. Hygiene regimes will be implemented for all golf courses we use for an event and we will ensure they have the necessary safety measures in place.

Emergency Procedures

Any player who shows signs of the virus on the golf course will be instructed to leave and return home immediately.

In the eventuality of any player or other person being overcome to the extent that they cannot take themselves home, staff or other players will call 111 and take advice from the helpline. If an ambulance has to attend the golf course, it will be met at the gates and taken to the necessary location by a member of the SG Foundation.

Playing golf is a great way to exercise and to have some limited social interaction at a time of restriction. However, to keep golf courses open golfers must exhibit best social practice before arriving at the golf club to play,  at the golf club and on the golf course.

For Your Health and Wellbeing

The following guidelines have been issued by the World Health Authority, following these will substantially reduce the likelihood that you will contract the virus becoming a carrier.  • Stay at home and self-isolate even if you only have minor symptoms such as; such as cough; headache; mild fever; if you need to leave the house, wear a face mask and avoid contact with others. • If you have a cough; fever or breathing difficulties, and feel you cannot cope at home, use the NHS 111 helpline. • Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub to kill any viruses that may be on your hands. • Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from other persons (social distancing) in case they, or you cough or sneeze spreading the virus through droplets. • Avoid crowding or crowded places where social distancing cannot be maintained. • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose; these are transfer points for the virus from your hands into the body. • Cover your mouth and nose if you sneeze, disposing of the tissue immediately, then clean your hands as above.

At the golf club and on the golf course

The above guidelines apply at all times when at the golf club and on the golf course, remember if you want to keep playing strict adherence is essential, additionally and until further notice how we play the game and prepare golf courses must change, this means as a player you must; • If you can, carry with you an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. • Arrive ready to play, do not attend the Clubhouse for any reason, if you have a query, make it online or by phone through the usual channels. • If you have a tee time, please arrive in plenty of time to make it, if you have to wait, ensure good social distancing at all times.

Code of Conduct for Playing Golf During Corvid 19 Pandemic

  • Follow any instructions and safety signs that are in place; they are there to ensure the best possible practice. • If you are going to use the practice facilities, do so only for a brief time immediately before your round, use only your golf balls ensuring you take them all away with you. • On the putting green, remove your balls without contacting the flagstick or hole cup. • When attending the Pro Shop, follow the instructions on the door notice, do not enter the pro shop if social distancing cannot be practised. BE PATIENT! • Do not touch products in the Pro Shop unless you are buying it. • Do not shake hands or make physical contact before, during or after your round. • Do not crowd around tees, if as you approach a tee; it is occupied, stay well back maintaining a suitable distance from the tee while keeping a distance of 2 metres from your paying partner. • On the tee, maintain good social distancing from your playing partners at all times. • Do not share; pencils; tees; scope finders; umbrellas; phones or any other golf paraphernalia with other players. • Avoid contact with the flagstick or hole cup; we will clean the flagsticks and hole cups on a regular basis and set the hole cups shallower so you can retrieve your ball without touching it. • Do not pick up another players golf club or, contact their golf bag or golf trolley. • Do not pick up any golf ball other than your own, even if you find what you are certain is a lost ball. • Accept the bunkers as you find them. Rakes have been removed for your safety; the greenstaff will rake the bunkers when they can. • Do not use the litter bins; please take your own litter home. • Do not use the ball washers; they are going to be taken out of commission until further notice. • If you meet walkers or members of the public on a public footpath, stand aside at a safe distance and allow them to pass whilst practicing good social distancing comfortably. • At the end of your round, do not swap scorecards. • After your round go straight to your car practising good social distancing at all times.

Any player observed not following the above code of conduct will be asked to leave the golf course immediately by staff.

Remember to practice good golf etiquette at all times, a reckless shot could place an unnecessary demand on already stretched emergency services.

Note if you are showing any of the symptoms of Covid19 such as such as cough; headache; mild fever, for your safety and for the safety of you friends and their families stay at home.