Dundas Parks GC, Flag and Stroke Play event (to qualify for stroke play you must have scored 36 or less in a flag event or be a girl with a CONGU Handicap to enter)

Today we had 47 boys and girls taking part in our latest flag and stroke play event at Dundas Parks GC.


Many thanks to James Cowper and all his team of volunteers at Dundas Parks for helping the event run so well and congratulations to the green staff for having the course in excellent condition for the kids.


The scoring was excellent on the day with Harrison Lee scoring 35 in the U10 boys flag event and now qualifying for the stroke play, Brodie Cunningham scoring 34 in the Under 14's stroke play and Kiron Gribble scoring 38 in the under 10's stroke play.





Boys Under 14's

  1. Brodie Cunningham            34
  2. Callum Kenneally                37
  3. Drew Cleaver                     45
Boys Under 12's 
  1. Joseph Kelly                      38
  2. Ben Vogelpohl                   40
  3. Riley Porterfield                 41
Boys Under 10's
  1. Kiron Gribble                     38
  2. Fraser Walters                   41
  3. Abe Vogelpohl                   45
Girls Under 14's
  1. Maisie Witt                        52 (count back)
  2. Lara Douglas                     52 (count back)
  3. Carla Morris                       52
Boys Under 14's
  1. Blair Wilson
  2. Tomas Potter
Boys Under 12's
  1. Aaron Kenneally
  2. Sam Irvine
  3. Archie MacDonald
Boys Under 10's 
  1. Harrison Lee                         35
  2. Harris Russell
  3. Ollie Harrison
Boys Under 8's
  1. Matthew Kelly
  2. Luke Wu
  3. Joshua Chisholm
Girls Under 14's
  1. Drew Totten
  2. Ava Paterson
  3. Chloe Park
Girls Under 10's
  1. Larissa Hogg
  2. Eilidh Kilpatrick
  3. Erin MacAlpine
Congratulations to all the boys and girls who competed today and many thanks to everyone who stayed behind for the presentations.