Fun Day at Kingsknowe

Kingsknowe GC, Flag and Stroke Play event (to qualify for stroke play you must have scored 36 or less in a flag event or be a girl with a CONGU Handicap to enter)

Today we held our latest flag and stroke play event at Kingsknowe Golf Club, in total we had 91 boys and girls competing on the day.


The children had the benefit also of having David Edwards, World Trick shot specialist putting a show on for them, courtesy of Edinburgh Golf. I am sure we will see some of the kids try these next week at our Finals Day!


Many thanks to everyone at Kingsknowe and Edinburgh Golf for their help in organising the event, and special thanks to David Edwards.  The course was in fantastic condition for the children and all enjoyed the course.


The scoring on the day was excellent, Ruben Lindsay in the Under 12 Boys stroke play leading the way with a gross score of 68 and Abby Steedman scoring a nett 64 in the Under 18 Girls stroke play.


Also excellent shooting my Cameron MacAulay in the Under 14's scoring 35 in the flag section.


Full results were:




Under 14 Boys

1. Connor Currie                  Score 70 (count back)

2. Sam Hall                         Score 70

3. Malachy Hayward             Score 71


Under 12 Boys

1. Ruben Lindsay                 Score 68

2. Owen Abu Baker              Score 71

3. Andrew Hendry                Score 76


Under 10 Boys

1. Fergus Brown               Score 77

2.Brodie Cunningham        Score 80

3. James Wood                 Score 84 (count back)


Under 18 Girls

1. Abby Steedman                  Nett 64

2. Samantha MacGregor          Nett 68

3. Emily Walker                      Nett 77




Under 14 Girls

1. Anna Clark

1. Eva Woodward

3. Kate Halliday


Under 10 Girls

1. Saoirse Keenan

2. Jodie Graham 

3. Ella Lindsay


Under 14 Boys

1. Cameron MacAulay

2. Aaron Brown

3. Jack Adams and Harry Steel


Under 10 Boys

1. Calum Gilmore

2. Sam Irvine and Christopher McManus and Luca Smith.


Under 8 Boys

1. Fraser Walters

2. Kiron Gribble

3. Oliver Henderson


Well done to all the winners on the day and congratulations to all who competed on the day and managed to beat their personal best.


Was great to see so many of the children and parents stay behind for the presentation and trick shot show.


Our next event is our Finals Day at Kingsfield on Saturday 10th September and I look forward to see all the finalists on the day