Fun in the Sun at Niddry Castle GC

Niddry Castle GC, Flag Event and Stroke Play Event (to qualify for stroke play you must have scored 36 or less in a flag event or be a girl with a CONGU Handicap to enter)

Today we held our latest flag event and stroke play event at Niddry Castle GC. 62 boys and girls took part on a beautiful sunny day, with the course in excellent condition for the kids.

Many thanks to all the volunteers from Niddry Castle GC, well marshalled by John Pritchard, they were a great help on the day and thanks to all the members of Niddry Castle for giving us access to the course for the day.

We had our Professional Jane Connachan with us on the day giving the kids some tips on putting and going by the scores on the day, they were learning quickly!

The flag event had some excellent scoring, special mention to Tobi Rennie (Under 14) and Charlie Mitchell (Under 12) who both scored 33 and have now qualified for the stroke play sections. Was also great to see our schools coaching paying dividends with the top 3 in the Under 14 boys section all from Linlithgow Academy, well done coach Jane Connachan.

In the stroke play section low score of the day was from Liam Longstaff (Under 14) with a scratch 80, special mention also to James Wood (under 12) with an 81 and Aidan Lawson (under 10) with a great score of 83

Results from today are as follows:


Under 14 Boys

1. Tobi Rennie        Scored 33

2. Matthew Maison

3. Corey Smith

Under 12 Boys 

1. Charlie Mitchell     Score 33

2. Callum Horsburgh

2. Luke Abbott

Under 14 Girls

1. Drew Totten

2. Chloe Park

3. Keira Mason

Under 10 Girls

1. Stella Walters

2. Eilidh Kilpatrick

3. Katie MacKenzie and Abbi Millar

Under 10 Boys

1. Eddie Jackson

2. Corey Hagan and Ben McBride

Under 8 Boys

1. Matthew Kelly

2. Matthew Ennis

3. Zac Gannon

Well done to all the flag winners


Under 14 Boys

1. Liam Longstaff        Score 80

2. Brodie Cunningham    Score 81

3. Callum Kenneally    Score 83

Under 12 Boys 

1. James Wood      Score 81

2. George Gannon   Score 89

3.  Blair Roberts      Score 93

Under 14 Girls

1. Natalie Fowler

2. Maisie Witt

Under 10 Boys

1. Aidan Lawson   Score 83

2. Fraser Walters    Score 91 (Count back)

3. Kiron Gribble      Score 91

Well done to all the stroke play winners.

Congratulations to everyone who stayed behind for the presentation of prizes for both sections, it does make the presentation of prizes very special, when you receive a prize in front of your peers.

Our next event is at Castle Park GC on Sunday 20th May and we look forward to seeing you all there