Haddington Event

Haddington GC, Flag Event and Stroke Play Event

Today we held our latest 9 hole flag and stroke play event at Haddington GC. In total we had 36 boys and girls playing on an excellent day for golf.


Many thanks to everyone at Haddington GC for their help on the day and for the members in giving up their course for the boys and girls, the course was in excellent condition.


Special mention to John Vogelpohl who won the U14 boys stroke play with an excellent 29 and to Ben Austin who in his first ever event won the Flag Under 12.


The results on the day were as follows:


Under 14 Girls

1. Annie Wilson        Score 33 (count back)

2. Alicja Gorka          Score 33

3. Mollaidh Nicholson    Score 36


Under 14 Boys

1. John Vogelpohl         Score 28


Under 12 Boys

1. Brodie Cunningham              Score 29

2. Callum Kenneally                Score 30

3. Liam Longstaff                  Score 32


Under 10 Boys

1. Ryan Stoyell                   Score 34

2. Ben Vogelpohl                Score 35

3. Kiron Gribble                   Score 36



Under 10 Girls

1. Maisie Witt

2. Carla Morris


Under 12 Boys

1. Ben Austin

2. Charlie Mitchell

3. Cameron Thomas


Under 10 Boys

1. Harris Munro

2. Abe Vogelpohl

3. Robbie Reid


Well done to all the boys and girls who competed on the day and for everyone who was able to stay behind for the presentation.

Pictures from today can be found on our facebook page.