Under 10 Results

Under 12 Results

Portobello Event

Portobello Golf Course Flag/Strokeplay Event

Today we held the latest of our flag/stroke play events at Portobello GC. In total we had 53 children competing on an excellent day for golf.


Many thanks to Edinburgh Leisure and everyone at Portobello for their help today in organising the event and for giving us courtesy of the course. The course was in excellent condition for all the children on an excellent venue for children's golf.


The scoring was of a high standard as always, with special mentions to the 3 winners on the stroke play section, Under 10 boys, Andrew Hendry scoring 42, Under 16 girls Samantha MacGregor scoring 38 and Under 14 boys Aamar Saleem scoring 36. Great scoring.


The full results for the day are as follows:




Under 14 Boys

1. Aamar Saleem               Score 36 (count back)

2. Cameron Johnstone       Score 36

3. Toby Appleyard             Score 38


Under 16 Girls

1. Samantha MacGregor       Score 38

2. Lauren Reid                     Score 40 (count back)

3. Megan Linton                  Score 40


Under 10 Boys

1. Andrew Hendry                 Score 42 (count back)

2. Josh Beveridge                 Score 42

3. James Wood                    Score 43 (count back)




Under 14 Boys

1. Neil Canavan

2. Blair Welsh

3. Fraser Muir


Under 16 Girls

1.Lisa MacPherson


Under 10 Boys

1. Tobin Witt

2. Sean Gallacher

3. John Reid


Under 10 Girls

1. Emma Rudd

2. Grace Martin

3. Katie McDonaugh


Under 8 Boys

1. Aidan Lawson

2. Dougal Wright

3. Jamie Thomson


Congratulations to all the boys on girls on their own personal performances today and many thanks to all who stayed behind for the presentation.


Our next events are next Sunday 2nd August:


Stroke Play: Duddingston GC

Flag Event: Hermitage GC


you can enter either of them via our website www.sgfoundation.co.uk 


All pictures from today can be found on our facebook page.