Under 10 Results

Under 12 Results

Stuart Hutchison Trophy

Stuart Hutchison Trophy

Today we had 98 boys and girls competing in the Stuart Hutchison Trophy at Swanston GC. This trophy is in memory of Stuart who was an assistant Professional at Swanston but who sadly died in a car crash 4 years ago. His family led by David and Isobel and sister Lorna have been raising money for Junior golf ever since as this was Stuart's passion and they have been supporting the Foundation since we began. 

Many thanks to all the Hutchison family for their support and David on the day for presenting the prizes. 

Thanks also to Swanston Golf Club for all their help on the day especially Stephen Speirs the assistant professional, Secretary Mike Robson and Captain Graeme Millar​. The course was in excellent condition and we were well looked after by all the bar staff. 

The scoring was excellent on the day with 32 players scoring 36 or less on the par 3 course. Special mention to the two main winners, Cameron Johnstone who scored 29 and Samantha MacGregor who scored 33, fantastic scoring in tough conditions. 

The full results on the day were as follows: 



Cameron Johnstone        Score 29 


Samantha MacGregor      Score 33 

Flag Event Results 

Under 16 Girls

1. AJ Garden

2. Orla O'Leary

3. Katie Crawford and Ellie Ferguson 

Under 14 Boys

1. Finlay Stickings

2. Angus Blacklock

3. Fraser Muir 

Under 10 Boys

1. Owen Hayward      Score 33

2. Joe MacPherson     Score 34

3. Samuel Mukherjee  Score 35 

Under 10 Girls

1. Ellie Wilson

2. Katie McDonaugh

3. Jessica Garden 

Under 8 Boys

1. Rory Leishman

2. Cameron Mukherjee

3. Hayden Fowler and George Gannon 



1. Malachy Hayward       Distance 256 yrds

2. Cameron Adam                       238 yrds

3. Cameron Herriot                      229 yrds 


1. Sean Gallacher         

2. Gregor Linton

3. Archie Wilson 


1. Natalie Fowler

2. Ellie Wilson

3. Oliver Henderson 


Under 16 Girls

1. Samantha MacGregor      Score 33

2. Lauren Reid                    Score 34 (count back)

3. Megan Linton                  Score 34 

Under 14 Boys

1. Cameron Johnstone         Score 29

2. Aidan O'Hagan                Score 31  (count back)

3. Ryan Muir                       Score 31 

Under 10 Boys

1. Andrew Hendry              Score 32

2. William Alexander           Score 34

3. Brodie Cunningham         Score 35 (count back) 

Congratulations to all the children who took part today and it was great to see so many stay behind for the presentations. 

Our next event is at Gogarburn GC on Sunday 3rd May, we look forward to seeing you all there. 

All pictures from today can be found on our facebook page.