Under 10 Results

Under 12 Results

Summer Season opener

North Berwick Children's Course, Flag/Stroke Play Event

Today we held the first of our flag/stroke play events for the summer season and it was fantastic for all the kids to see Stephen Gallacher there on the day supporting them

This is also the first event which counts towards our Finals Day at Kingsfield GC on the 5th September. 

All medallists from today are automatically invited to​ the Finals Day.

The weather was not kind to us at the start of the day but we finished in glorious sunshine. There were 90 children taking part. 

Many thanks to North Berwick Golf Club for the use of the course and Macdonald Marine hotel for the use of the Ben Sayer suite for the presentations. 

The scoring was excellent in the conditions with 23 children scoring 36 or less. Special mention to Josh Beveridge and Fergus Brown who scored 33 in the Under 10's, George Cannon scoring 33 in Under 8's and Kirsten Murison scoring 33 in Under 10 girls. 

The full results were as follows: 


Under 10 Boys

1. Josh Beveridge    Score 31  (count back)

2. Fergus Brown      Score 31

3. Brodie Cunningham    Score 34 

Under 14 Boys

1. Malachy Hayward    Score 31  ( count back )

2. Cameron Johnstone   Score 31

3. Ross Campbell   Score 33  (count back) 

Under 16 Girls

1. Lauren Reid    Score 33

2. Natalie Fowler   Score 37

3. Emma Chapman  Score 38  ( count back) 


Under 14 Boys

1. Calum Murison   Score 35

2. Robert Hill

3. Angus Blacklock 

Under 10 Boys

1. James Wood    Score 34

2. Lyall Jack        Score 35

3. Joe McPherson 

Under 8 Boys

1. George Gannon   Score 33

2. Sean Smith

3. Dougal Wright 

Under 16 Girls

1. AJ Garden

2. Lucy Bell

3, Morganne McQueen 

Under 10 Girls

1. Kirsten Murison  Score 33

2. Lucy Hall           Score 35

3. Emma Rudd 

Congratulations to all the children who competed today, also special thanks to all the children and parents who could stay behind for the presentation, it does make it that bit more special. 

Our next event is the Stuart Hutchison Trophy at Swanston GC, which you can enter online, entries will close for this on Wednesday 22nd April at 7pm. 

Photographs from today can be found on our facebook page.