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Stephen Gallacher Foundation Pro-Am Texas Scramble

Today we were at Kingsfield Golf Club for our annual Pro-am. In total we had 63 boys and girls taking part and 21 Assistant Professionals. 

Many thanks to everyone at Kingsfield today, the course was in excellent condition and we were all well looked after in the café afterwards. 

Special thanks to Glen McPhee from the SPGA for his help in organising the event and all the Assistant Professionals who took part they were a credit to the SPGA and everyone of the kids had great fun learning from them. 

The scoring was excellent on the day with 14 of the 21 teams scoring par or better on the day. 

The shot of the day though was easy. A hole in one on the 6th hole, playing 130 yards from Natalie Fowler, a fantastic shot​ and I am sure the first of many. 

The results from the day were as follows: 

1. Team: Augusta       Score 31  (count back)

Assistant Professional: Ogilvie Robertson (Piper Dam)

Archie Wilson, Connor Thow and Kieran McMillan

2. Team: Crow's Nest   Score 31

Assistant Professional: Jordan Gallagher ( Douglas Park)

Aidan O'Hagan, William Alexander and Jamie O'Connor

3. Team: Yellow Jasmine     Score 32

Assistant Professional: Rory Tinker  (Piper Dam)

Ewan Burns, Sean Smith and Noah Young

Well done to everyone who played today and many thanks to everyone who stayed behind for the presentation. 

Photographs from today can be found on our facebook page. 

Our next event is the start of our summer season and takes place at North Berwick Children's Course on Sunday 19th April, I look forward to seeing you all there.