April 23rd 2017 Stuart Hutchison Trophy, Swanston GC, Templar GC, Swanston GC, Templar Course, Edinburgh Tee times 11am-3pm

This was an event we ran last year courtesy of Isobel Hutchison and her family, who have been kindly raising monies towards our Foundation. The trophies are in memory of there golfing son Stuart who tragically died in a road accident in 2009. Stuart was an assistant Professional at Swanston and played his golf as a youngster at the course. Stuart was a great advocate of wanting to help young people learn the wonderful game of golf and it is fitting that we hold this event at his beloved course.
The trophies last year were won by Josh Beveridge and Samantha MacGregor
The event will be a flag competition with the winners of the trophies being the lowest boy and girls score over the 9 holes