July 7th 2019 SGF Handicap Knockout Competition, Swanston GC Templar GC JULY - OCTOBER



This will be a 9 hole match play event played over the months of July - October. All matches will be played over the 9 hole Swanston Templar GC

Depending upon the number of entrants recieved this will either be in a group format or a straight knockout.


The draw will be sent out the week of the 8th July

The handiaps that children will be playing off will either be:

SGF Handicap (Swanston Templar)


CONGU National Handicap ( with the CONGU handicap you will be playing of half of your actual handicap for the 9 holes)

We would look for all the matches to be played as quickly as possible, with the final in October or earlier.

Full rules will be published when numbers are ascertained.

It will be singles matchplay, with full difference on handicaps being used