Dundas Parks Event

Today we held our latest flag and stroke play event at a windy Dundas Parks GC, with 40 boys and girls competing over the 9 hole course which was in excellent condition for all the kids.


Many thanks to James Cowper and all his team at Dundas Parks for all their time and effort in making this event a great success.


In very tough conditions the scoring was excellent, perhaps the tips from our Professional Jane Connachan and David Burns helped on the day.


Best score of the day was a 39 in the Under 12's from Kiron Gribble followed by an excellent 40 from Fraser Walters in the Under 10's


On the day Dundas Parks put on a putting competition and the winner was Harrison Lee who scored 9 for the 6 holes well done Harrison.


The winners on the day were as follows:




Under 14 Girls

  1. Georgia Foster         42
  2. Megan Fallon           47
  3. Ava Paterson           50
Under 12 Boys
  1. Kiron Gribble            39
  2. Taylor Russell           45 (count back)
  3. Liam Graham           45
Under 10 Boys
  1. Fraser Walters          40
  2. Ben Wilson               44
  3. Matthew Ennis          45 ( count back)
Under 14 Girls
  1. Lara Ferguson
  2. Eilidh Kilpatrick
  3. Chloe Park
Under 10 Girls
  1. Stella Walters
  2. Kirsty Kilpatrick
  3. Amy Mann
Under 14 Boys
  1. Ciaran Johnson
  2. Scott McAdam
  3. Owen Morrison
Under 12 Boys
  1. Jamie Barker
  2. Ryan Pirie
  3. Jack Galloway
Under 10 Boys
  1. Ben Fox
  2. Finn McCluskey
  3. Thomas Anderson
Under 8 Boys
  1. Aaron Lusby
  2. Joel Waddell
  3. Rory Robertson
Well done to all the boys and girls who played today and to everyone who stayed behind for the presentations
Our next flag event is at Prestonfield on Sunday 4th August, you can enter this event via our website www.sgfoundation.co.uk
Pictures from today will be posted on our facebook page

Published: 22/07/2019