Fantastic Finals Day with Stephen Gallacher

Fantastic Finals Day with Stephen Gallacher

On a fabulous day we held our 2014 Finals Day at Kingsfield Golf Club, Linlithgow. In total we had 146 boys and girls taking part, which with all the parents attending meant around 350 attending. Stephen Gallacher was on hand for all the children and there for all the presentation of prizes, clearly with his performances he is inspiring all the children, who all wished Stephen great success for the forthcoming Ryder Cup by presenting him with a card of thanks.

Many thanks to everyone at Kingsfield Golf Club for their help on the day, special mention to Jane Allan and Robert Arkley for all there hard work and to our volunteers,who have also done a fantastic job all year, without them the events would not run as well or as smoothly, so thank you to Stuart Johnston, Jim McDiarmid, Cameron McDiarmid, Graham Ewart and Louis Knowles.

We also had help from Scottish Hydro Professionals Paul McKechnie, George Murray and Chris Kelly many thanks for starting the children and Criag Tumblety from Golfit who gave the children instruction on warm up excercises before they start.

On top of our main event we also held our "Short Game" World Match Play Championship in which all of the children competed in , this was superbly run by our Professional Jane Connachan with first class assistance from our two other Professionals Colin Gillies and David Burns. Fantastic job Jane.

The golf on the day was of an exceptional standard and befitting a finals day event. In the 9 hole Under 14 stroke play, Liam Currid and Janie Fulton both scored 35, with Liam winning at the first extra hole and in the Under 10 stroke play section 3 players tied on 42, Aidan O'Hagan, Owen Abu Baker and Archie Wilson with Aidan winning at the 4th extra hole. In the flag events, Ben Hunt won the Under 10 boys with a score of 31 and in the Under 8 Boys William Alexander scored a 33. Special mention though to Abby Steedman who won our World Match Play beating all 146 competitiors throughout the day an excellent result for one of our Under 10 Girls.

This event also seen the completion of our year long Order of Merits in the stroke play section. A fantastic competitive event throughout the year for the Under 14 and Under 10 Boys and under 16 girls.

The full results from today were as follows:

Under 14 Boys Stroke Play

1.  Liam Currid         Score 35  (1st extra hole)

2. Jamie Fulton

3. Cameron Johnstone    Score 36

Under 10 Boys Stroke Play

1. Aidan O'Hagan      Score 42 ( 4th extra hole)

Tied 2 Owen Abu Baker and Archie Wilson

Under 16 Girls Stroke Play

1. Megan Linton          Score 41

2. Samantha MacGregor   Score 43

3. Carys Irvine       Score 44

Under 14 Boys Flag Event

1. Cameron Herriot           Score 36   (count back)

2. Niall Holman                  Score 36

3. Lewis MacKinnon and Connor Thow

Under 16 Girls Flag Event

1. Annie Wilson

2. Georgia Ledingham

3. Lucy Morrison

Under 10 Boys Flag Event

1. Ben Hunt         Score 31

2. Jamie Gibb, Kieran McMillan and Drew Cleaver   Score 36

Under 8 Boys Flag Event

1. William Alexander           Score 33

2. Jack Collingswood

3. Sean Smith

Under 10 Girls Flag Event

1. Lucy Hall

2. Annabel Thain

3. Kirsten Murison and Abby Steedman

"Short Course" World Match Play Section WInners

Under 14 Boys Stroke Play Section

1. Cameron Johnstone

2. Cameron Adam

Under 16 Girls Stroke Play Section

1. Claire Forrester

2. Megan Linton

Under 10 Boys Stroke Play Section

1. Fergus Brown

2. Ruben Lindsay

Under 14 Boys Flag Event Section

1. Connor Thow

2. Matthew Smith

Under 16 Girls Flag Event

1. Natalie Fowler

2. Louise Smith

Under 10 Boys Flag Event Section

1. Jamie Gibb

2. Jake Johnston

Under 8 Boys Flag Event

1. Joe McPherson

2. Jack Collingswood

Under 10 Girls Flag Event

1. Abby Steedman

2. Annabel Thain

"Short Course" World Match Play Champion of Champions

Winner    Abby Steedman

Runner Up   Fergus Brown



1. Liam Currid

2. Connor Wilson

3. Aamar Saleem

4. Cameron Johnstone

5. Cameron Gallagher


1. Megan Linton

2. Samantha MacGregor

3. Carys Irvine

4. Emily Rigg

5. Katie Liddle


1. Ruben Lindsay

2. Owen Abu Baker

3. Archie Wilson

4. Andrew Hendry

5. Aidan O'Hagan

Well done to all the boys and girls who competed on the day. It was great to see so many kids and parents have so much fun. Many thanks to all who stayed behind for all the presentations, it has been a fantastic year and we look forward to seeing you all in our winter series and next year.

All pictures from today can be found on our facebook page.

Published: 13/09/2014