Fun at Castle Park

Fun at Castle Park

Today we held our latest event at Castle Park GC, many thanks to Craig and Pam Wilson for all their help in organising the event and for hosting the event so well, the course is a great test for the kids and well worth the visit especially for how well we were looked after in the clubhouse. 
In total we had 66 boys and girls taking part on lovely day for golf, with our Professionals Jane Connachan and David Burns doing a target game, lesson for all the boys and girls. Which certainly helped the boys and girls on the day. 
Special mention to Alexander Ainsworth who scored 35 in the U12 Flag event to secure qualification for the stroke play events and to Ruben Lindsay who scored an excellent scratch score 74 in the stroke play event.. The full results on the day were as follows:


Girls Under 18
1. Alicja Gorka              Score 83
2. Mollaidh Nicholson  Score 95
3. Eva Woodward         Score 111

Boys Under 14
1. Ruben Lindsay             Score 74
2. Adam Smith                  Score 84
3. Drew Cleaver                 Score 99

Boys Under 12
1. Brodie Cunningham     Score 79
2.  Callum Kenneally          Score 86
3.  Lima Lingstaff             Score 87

Boys Under 10
1. Hayden Fowler         Score 104
2. Kiron Gribble            Score 106
3. Riley Porterfield        Score 107

CSS for Boys and Girls was 73


Boys Under 12
1. Alexander Ainsworth      Score 35
2. Ben English
3. Cameron Redden

Girls Under 14
1. Rohan Dalgetty
2. Katie Porteous
3. AJ Garden

Boys Under 10
1. Kyle Anderson
2. Harris Munro
3. William Barr

Girls Under 10
1. Maisie Witt
2. Georgia Foster
3.  Jessica Garden

Boys Under 8
1. Greg Anderson
2. Oscar Wilkinson
3. Ryan Killorn
Well done to all the competitors for their efforts today and congratulations to all the winners, also special thanks to everyone who stayed behind for the presentation.
Our next events are Haddington Flag/stroke play on Friday 2nd June, Dalmahoy Stroke Play Sunday 4th June,

Published: 28/05/2017