Fun in the Sun at Easter

Today we had 50 boys and girls playing in our Flag and Stroke play events at Swanston Templar GC. Many thanks to everyone at Swanston for their help in organising the event the course was in excellent condition, also many thanks to club Captain Graeme Miller for presenting the prizes on the day.


The weather was excellent for everyone today and this was shown in the scoring and the smiling faces. Lowest round of the day goes to Eddie Jackson ( Under 12 Boys) who scored 30, but he was closely followed by Tobin Witt (Under 14 boys) 31, Ben Wilson ( Under 10 Boys ) 31 and Maisie Witt (Under 14 girls) 33. All round the scoring was excellent in each division, the full results are as follows:




Under 14 Girls

  1. Maisie Witt               Score 33
  2. Louise Martin            Score 35
  3. Georgia Foster          Score 38
Under 14 Boys
  1. Tobin Witt                Score 31
  2. Lyle Gillie                  Score 32
  3. Cameron Kpedekpo   Score 33
Under 12 Boys
  1. Eddie Jackson            Score 31
  2. Logan McKeon           Score 33
  3. Ryan Stoyell              Score 34  ( Count back)
Under 10 Boys
  1. Ben Wilson                Score 31
  2. Ryan Killorn              Score 32
  3. Matthew Ennis          Score 36
Under 12 Boys
  1. Oliver Band
  2. Gregor Miller
  3. Ben Powers
Under 14 Girls
  1. Eilidh Kilpatrick
  2. Lauren Gammie
Under 10 Girls
  1. Erin MacAlpine
  2. Larissa Hogg
  3. Amy Mann
Under 10 boys
  1. Ryan Gammie
  2. Oliver Gillie and Josh Kpedekpo
Under 8 Boys
  1. Dylan Wardrop
  2. Michael Stoyell
  3. Luca Baglione
Well done to all the boys and girls who played today and it was great to see so many stay behind for the presentation.
Our next Event ( a flag and stroke play) is the Stuart Hutchison Trophy which is at Swanston Templar Course on Sunday 28th April, to enter this event please visit our website

Published: 21/04/2019