Great Day at Kingsknowe

Great Day at Kingsknowe

Today we held our latest flag and stroke play event at Kingsknowe Golf Club, in total we had 82 boys and girls competing on the day.


Many thanks to everyone at Kingsknowe Golf Club for their help in organising the event. The course was in fantastic condition for the children and all enjoyed the course. Also special mention to one of the parents, Colin Leishman, who stepped in today as a volunteer and did an exceptional job and was rewarded with presenting the prizes well done Colin.


Some excellent scoring on the day, led by Aamar Saleem with an excellent scratch score 1 under par, 68  in the Under 14 stroke play. Also congratulations to Fraser Duncan (U12) Score 34, Robbie Sanderson (U12) Score 36, Taylor Russell (U10) Score 34 and Georgia Foster (U10) Score 36 in qualifying from 9 hole flag events to stroke play events.


Full results were:




Under 14 Boys

1. Aamar Saleem                  Score 68

2. Connor Currie                    Score 78

3. Kieran McMillan               Score 85


Under 12 Boys

1. James Wood                        Score 75

2. Fergus Brown                      Score 79 ( BIH)

3. Josh Beveridge                   Score 79


Under 10 Boys

1.  Kiron Gribble                     Score 86

2.  Aidan Lawson                    Score 90 (BIH)

3.  Riley Porterfield                Score 90


Under 18 Girls

1.  Orla O'Leary                    Score 85

2.  Lauren Reid                     Score 86

3. Samantha MacGregor      Score 91 


Under 14 Girls

1. Katie Graham                          Score 83

2. Alicja Gorka                            Score 84

3. Abby Steedman                      Score 94





1. Georgia Foster                            Score 36

2. Larissa Hogg

3. Ava Paterson  


Under 14/12 Boys

1. Fraser Duncan                      Score 34

2. Robbie Sanderson                 Score 36 

3. Liam Greenslade                  


Under 10 Boys

1. Taylor Russell                      Score 34

2. Jamie Thomson      

3. William Barr


Under 8 Boys

1. Ruaridh Clubb

2. Matthew Ennis

3. Corey Hagan


Well done to all the winners on the day and congratulations to all who competed on the day and managed to beat their personal best. 


Was great to see so many of the children and parents stay behind for the presentation.


Our next event is our Finals Day at Kingsfield on Saturday 9th September and I look forward to see all the finalists on the day

Published: 03/09/2017