North Berwick Event

Today 60 boys and girls competed in the first event of our 2018 season at North Berwick Childrens Course. 

The course was in excellent condition and many thanks to everyone at North Berwick for giving us access to the wonderful kids course, also a special thank you to Anthony who helped us with our reception desk today. 

The scoring was excellent in testing conditions, lowest score of the day coming from Harry Bent in the Under 14 boys with a score of 28. We also had 5 boys and girls who sored 36 or less in the flag event which now qualifies for them to play in our stroke play section, so well done to Sorley Scott, Andrew Stables, Megan Fallon, Maisie Witt and Ryan Killorn 

The full results from today are:


Under 14 Boys

1. Harry Bent                     Score 28

2. Brodie Cunningham       Score 30

3. Drew Cleaver                 Score 31

Under 12 Boys

1. Cameron Kpedekpo     Score 31

2. Tobin Witt                     Score 32

3. Fergus Brown              Score 33

Under 10 Boys

1. Kiron Gribble                 Score 31

2. Alexander Yuill              Score 32

3. Fraser Walters              Score 33

Under 14 Girls

1. Madeleine MacGregor   Score 34 (count back)

2. Kirsten Murison              Score 34

3. Ellie Bent                       Score 38


Under 14 Girls

1. Megan Fallon                Score 34

2. Thea Fergsuon

3. Chloe Park 

Under 10 Girls

1. Maisie Witt                   Score 36

2. Eilidh Kilpatrick

3. Louise Martin 

Under 14 Boys

1. Ben Drummond

2. Blair Wilson

3. Ethan Cavaye

Under 12 Boys

1. Sorley Scott                    Score 33

2. Andrew Stables              Score 35

3. Kai Drummond

Under 10 Boys

1. Callum Smith and Aidan Byars

3. Harris Russell 

Under 8 Boys

1. Ryan Killorn                Score 35

2. Luke Wu

3. Matthew Ennis 

Well done to all the boys and girls who competed today and many thanks to everyone who stayed behind for the presentation of prizes. 

Our next event is the Stuart Hutchison Trophy, which is a flag and strokeplay event on Sunday 22nd April at Swanston GC, entries close on Wednesday at 8pm, to enter please visit our website

All pictures from today can be found on our facebook page

Published: 15/04/2018