Pro-Am Brilliance

Today we held our Pro-am at Kingsfield GC, 21 assistant professionals and 63 boys and girls competing on the day.

Many thanks to everyone at Kingsfield GC for their help today and special mention to Glen McPhee from the SPGA for organising the assistant professionals and doing the presentation.
The day was made all the more special for everyone with Stephen Gallacher being on hand at the first tee to give some advice to everyone.
The golf was of a very high standard with special mention to the winning team, Team Firethorn, lead by Professional Euan MacDonald from Musselburgh GC who scored 5 under par for the day a score of 29.
The results for the day were as follows:
1. Team Firethorn: Professional Euan MacDonald (Musselburgh GC), Jack Gallacher, Logan Mckeon
and Oliver Henderson    Score 29
2. Team Nandina: Professional Marc Owenson (Gullane), Adam Laidlaw, Natalie Fowler
and Eden Collins           Score 30
3. Team White Dogwood: Professional Rory Tinker (Piper Dam), Rory Leishman, Ryan Stoyell
and Matthew Stewart     Score 30
Well done to all the competitors on the day and many thanks to the Assistant Professionals who were a credit to the SPGA in looking after all the boys and girls and giving them some excellent tips.
Was also great to see so many staying behind for the presentation.
Our next event takes place on Sunday 17th April at North Berwick Childrens Course you can enter this vis our website.
All photographs from today are on our website.

Published: 10/04/2016