Raising Monies, Hutchison Family on their Bike

Pedal for Scotland
During the year we held the Stuart Hutchison Memorial Trophy at Swanston Golf Club. This event was organised by ourselves on behalf of the Stuart Hutchison Memorial Fund which is run by the Hutchison family.
The Stuart Hutchison Memorial Fund are now raising monies through a "Pedal for Scotland" Glasgow to Edinburgh Cycle this Sunday 8th September with all the proceeds being donated to our Foundation.
Stuart's dad David and his sister Lorna Young are aiming to complete the 47 mile course on a Tandem while Stuart's nephew Callum age 6, who plays in all our Flag Events is doing the 9 mile course. I am sure we wish them all the best in their endeavours this Sunday.
You can donate monies in two ways to the Stuart Hutchison Memorial Fund:
1. To donate monies at our next 4 events, Hermitage Flag Event, Dunbar "Race to Dunbar", Craigmillar Park Flag Event and our Finals Day Kingsfield Golf Club. Sponsor Forms will be on the reception desks when you attend these events.
2. To pay direct to the Stuart Hutchison Memorial Fund
Stuart Hutchison Memorial Fund Bank of Scotland Account Number  06002151 Sort Code  801791
Ref: (your name)
Hopefully you can support David, Lorna and Callum as much as possible for their efforts and we wish them well. As I said before all monies will come to the Foundation and be used solely for the benefits of the children.

Published: 07/09/2013