Stuart Hutchison Trophy

Today we held our latest event at Swanston Templar GC, the Stuart Hutchison Trophy. 60 boys and girl competed on a beautiful day for golf, with the course in great condition for everyone

Many thanks to everyone at Swanston for their help on the day.

This is an event we have run for the last 6 years courtesy of The Hutchison family, who have been kindly raising monies towards our Foundation from the beginning. The trophies are in memory of their golfing son Stuart who tragically died in a road accident in 2009. Stuart was an assistant Professional at Swanston and played his golf as a youngster at the course. Stuart was a great advocate of wanting to help young people learn the wonderful game of golf and it is fitting that we hold this event at his beloved course. The Hutchison Family today handed a cheque for £ over to Stephens wife Helen from all their fundraising in the last year. This was made all that much harder for the family with the passing of their mum, Isobel Hutchison. Isobel was an amazing woman, who was always at the this event and at the forefront of the fundraising. 

On the day we had our Professional Jane Connachan with us giving the kids some tips before they commenced with their game, clearly this worked well based on the excellent scoring on the day, congratulations to everyone who competed on the day but special mention has to go to the main winners Boys Champion  Cameron Mukherjee who won a fantastic play off with Fraser Walters at the first extra hole and Girls Champion Megan Fallon

The full results for today are as follows:




Cameron Mukherjee.   Score 28

After a play off




MEGAN FALLON.         Score 34




Under 14 Girls


1.  Maisie Witt.             Score 35 (CB)

2.  Georgia Foster        Score 35 

3.  Carla Morris.           Score 36


Under 14 Boys

1.  Tobin Witt.                Score 34

2.  Andrew Cameron.   Score 35


Under 12 Boys

1.  Haysen Fowler.         Score 29

2.  George Gannon.       Score 33 (CB)

3. Eddie Jackson.         Score 33


Under 10 Boys


1.  Fraser Walters.      Score 28

2.  Matthew Ennis.     Score 35

3.  Luke Wu.               Score 36




Under 14 Girls


1. Thea Ferguson.         Score 36

2. Eilidh Kilpatrick.        Score 42

3. Lara Ferguson.          Score 46


Under 10 Girls


1.  Erin MacAlpine.       Score 44

2.  Amy Mann.                Score 49

3.  Stella Walters.          Score 50


Under 12 Boys


1.  Jack Barnes.            Score 35

2.  Harris Russell.         Score 36

3.  Daniel Hogg.           Score 38


Under 10 Boys


1.  Aidan Byars.            Score 37

2.  Ray Gallacher.          Score 38

3.  Joshua Chisholm and Fergus V Brown.                        Score 40 


Under 8 Boys


1.  Zac Gannon

2.  Ben Wade

3.  Jamie Powers


Well done to everyone who played today and special thanks to everyone who were able to stay behind for the presentation.

Published: 28/04/2019