Sunny Day at Dundas Parks

Today we held our latest flag/stroke play event at Dundas Parks GC, in total we had 60 boys and girls competing on a warm sunny day.
Many thanks to everyone at Dundas Parks GC for their help on the day especially Damien Gilmore and James Cowper for all their help before and after the event.The course was in fabulous condition for all the boys and girls.
On top of our normal events we had a fun putting competition for kids and adults, The adults was won by Del McBride and the junior won was kept in the family with Josh McBride winning in a play off, great fun
The scoring was gain of a very high standard with Madeleine McGregor having the best score of the day in the flag section a 34 with John Vogelpohl having the best score in the stroke play with a fantastic 33.
The full results from today are as follows:

Under 14 Boys
1. John Vogelpohl    Score 33

2. Fraser Muir          Score 47

3. Drew Cleaver    Score 48 

Under 12 Boys
1. Brodie Cunningham   Score 41

2. Jake Johnston    Score 43

3. Finlay King      Score 43 (BIH)

Under 10 Boys
1. Hayden Fowler          Score 46 (BIH)

2. Joseph kelly             Score 46

3. Blair Roberts           Score 47

Under 18 Girls

1. Natalie Fowler       Score 46

2. Saoirse Keenan     Score 63


Under 14 Boys

1. Cameron Kpedekpo     Score 36

2. Braden Collins

3. Cameron Redden
Under 12 Boys
1. Jack Wilson     Score 36

2. Thomas Jackson

3. Blair Wilson

Under 10 Boys
1. Callum Gilmore

2. Harrison Lee

3. Aaron Kenneally

Under 8 Boys
1. Matthew Kelly

2. Ray Gallacher

3. Abe Vogelpohl

Under 14 Girls
1. Madeleine McGregor      Score 34

2. Ailsa Muir

3. Rohan Dalgetty

Under 10 Girls
1. Maisie Witt

2. Megan Fallon

3. Tamsyn Witt/Lauren McAulay 

Well done to all the boys and girls who competed and many thanks to everyone who stayed behind for the presentation of prizes, it is great to see everyone supporting each other.
Our next event takes place on Sunday 6th August at Turnhouse GC, you can enter this via our website
Photographs from today can be found on our facebook page.

Published: 24/07/2017