Turnhouse Flag and Stroke Play Event

Today we had 57 children taking part in our latest flag and stroke play event, the course was in excellent condition with the wind making it an excellent challenge for all the kids.
Many thanks to David Gemmell and all his team at Turnhouse Golf Club, for all their help on the day and to the members of Turnhouse for giving us courtesy of the course for the afternoon.

Our Professionals Louis Gaughan and Jane Connachan were on hand all day giving the children some excellent tips which was proven by the scoring of the young ones on the day. 

In the flag events, Kyle Anderson had an excellent 33 in the Under 12's, Fergus V Brown an excellent 36 in the Under 10's and Ava Paterson in the Under 14 Girls scored 36, all now qualifying for our stroke play events.

In the stroke play Callum Kenneally led the way with a fantastic 74 in the under 14's, Kiron Gribble moved up from the Under 10's to win the Under 12's with an excellent 84 and Fraser Walters won the 9 Hole under 10's with a great score of 44. 

The CSS for the stroke play was

The full results are as follows:

Under 14 Boys

1. Callum Kenneally         Score 74

2. Brodie Cunningham     Score 78 (count back)

3. Jake Johnston              Score 78

Under 18 Girls

1. Natalie Fowler         Score 87

2. Jennifer Reilly         Score 93

3. Eva Woodward      Score 99


Under 12 Boys

1. Kiron Gribble         Score 84

2. Luca Smith             Score 89

3. Tobin Witt              Score 93


Under 10 Boys

1. Fraser Walters               Score 44

2. Ben Wilson                    Score 47

3. Matthew Ennis              Score 50


Under 14 Boys

1. Kyle Anderson                Score 33

2. Aaron Kenneally

3. Fraser Masting

Under 14 Girls

1. Ava Paterson            Score 36

2. Drew Totten

3. Lauren Gammie

Under 10 Boys

1. Fergus V Brown           Score 36

2. Greg Anderson

3. Ben McBride

Under 10 Girls

1. Katie MacKenzie

2. Stella Walters

3. Lara Ferguson

Under 8 Boys

1. Luke Wu

2. Zac gannon

3. Matthew Kelly


Well done to everyone who competed on the day and many thanks to all who stayed behind for the presentation.
The next stroke play and flag event is on Sunday 12th August at Baberton GC both can be entered through our website www.sgfoundation.co.uk

All pictures from today can be found on our facebook page.

Published: 05/08/2018