Winter Series Event at Swanston From December 25th -March 25th

Open to any Junior member of the Foundation. 

There is NO COST as the Templar Course is free to all Foundation members as per attached document.

No Entry forms, just turn up and play.

Best 4 scores round the 9 Hole Templar Course, between the dates above

You can play as many times as you wish in that time period, but must either play with another Junior or adult or have an adult marking your card as you go round. You cannot mark your own scorecard and there must be two signatures on the card.

Scorecards must be collected from the Pro shop prior to the round, if you are playing 2 or 3 rounds per day you must visit the pro shop each time for a new card and to state you are playing in the Stephen Gallacher Foundation Winter Series.

All scorecards must be returned to the Pro Shop as soon as possible after completion of the round.

Flag rules will apply for this event, ie:
No more than a 10 on a hole
No more than 3 putts on a green
If not out of bunker after 3 attempts you can through the ball at the hole
If in water hazard can drop ball over hazard nearer the hole.

There will be prizes on offer for the top 3 boys and girls in different age groups depending on number of participants

There will be a scoreboard that will be emailed out after the first month then every two weeks thereafter.

Published: 12/12/2017