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Fantastic start at Kingsfield

Fantastic start at Kingsfield

What a wonderful way to start the foundation. The course at Kingsfield was in excellent condition and the weather even managed to stay dry for the whole of the day.

In total 39 boys and girls took part, all of you showing great enthusiasm, with the parents doing similar.

Stephen really enjoyed doing his starting duty and seeing you all take your first tee shot in his first Foundation event.

Everyone at the event had their free lesson from either Jane Connachan or David Burns and it was good to hear the feedback of the help they gave everyone.

In the Under 12's boys event it was fitting that the first winner in this section should be Stephen's son Jack, who completed the none holes in 33 shots, well done Jack, sure your dad will be watching you more closely in the future.

All the leading competitors manged to complete their 36 shots up to the 8th hole which was excellent.

The prize winners on the day, were as follows

Under 10 Girls

1. Morgan Graham

2. Katie Liddle

3.Niamh O'Reilly

Under 10 Boys

1. Eduard Tor

2. Callum Thom

3. Ewan Burns

Under 12 Girls

1. Lisa MacPherson

2. Kirsten Wyles

3. Rebecca Calthorpe

Under 12 Boys

1. Jack Gallacher

2. Matthew Morrison

3. Rory Pompelli

All the above prize winners have now qualified to take part in our Under 10 and Under 12 Finals day at Kingsfield Golf Centre, Linlithgow on Sunday 23rd September 2012.

Well done to all who took part today



Published 07/04/12
Author Scott Knowles