What is the Stephen Gallacher Foundation Pathway Document?

Stephen Gallacher Foundation


The purpose of this document is to give a clear guideline as to the process the Foundation would be expecting each child to go through as they progress their own golf game.

The main objective as always will be for the children to have fun as they progress.

As each player reaches the stages set, they will be given a coloured wristband to show their progression.

1.    Flag Events ( Under 14  Boys, Under 18 Girls, No minimum age)

All new entrants to the Foundation will take part within our Flag Event structure and rules (appendix 1); this will be over 9 holes varying in lengths from 60 yards to a maximum of 150 yards with a maximum of 36 shots, before flag is placed in the ground. Caddies are allowed for Under 10’s only, although we would encourage the children to carry their own bags. A parent/adult must accompany the child.

At every event we will have PGA Professionals who will give each child a short lesson before or after they have competed. 

Each child will receive a development booklet where they will be able to keep a personal record and where our Professionals will add comments on the child’s lessons and progress. We will also give examples of skills test to improve the child’s game

Medals will be giving to first 3 in each age group that is set for the day.

Depending on which hole you finish on, this will dictate on the banding you will receive. The goal for each child is to progress to the next band. The bandings are as follows:

White:                       All first timers

Red/White:               5th hole

Red:                         6th hole

Yellow:                     7th hole

Yellow/Green:          8th hole

Green:                     9th hole

Blue:                       Completed 9 holes in 36 shots or less.

When a child has completed the 9 holes, we will interview the parents and child to discuss the option of moving to the new 9/18 hole short course stroke play event, we will also discuss items regards coaching and membership options if possible regards local clubs, if not already a member of a golf club.

Events such as group coaching with our Professionals will be made available to all children who are or remain in this section.

2.    9/18 Hole Short CourseStroke Play Events (Under 18 Girls, Under 14 Boys, Under 12 Boys, Under 10 Boys, no minimum age)

Once a player has completed two flag events in 36 shots or less ( or a girls has a CONGU handicap), he/she will have the option to progress into the 9/18 hole short course stroke play category.

This event is over 9/18 holes with length of holes varying between 100 and 450 yards.

This will be played under strict R and A golfing rules.

Caddies are only allowed in the Under 10 age group. Caddies though are not allowed on the greens. No caddies will be allowed for older children. If not caddying, no advice should be given to the child when playing, we would though still require a parent/adult to go round with the child but to watch at a distance.

The children will be asked to mark their own cards, but we will also ask one of the adults to take note of the score the children are taking at each hole. The player will be asked to sign his card and the Adult should countersign the card.

There will be medals for the first 3 players in each gender group.

Wrist Bandings in this group will be as follows:

Blue/white:                      Score 100 (50) or less

Orange:                          Score 90 (45) or less

Orange/white:                 Score 80 (40) or less

Black:                             Won a Bronze or Silver Medal

Black/ White:                  Won a Gold Medal

                                       (score in brackets is for 9 holes)

During these events we may have our Professionals watching the children play round. The Professionals will then individually discuss with child and parent items regards coaching and course management if applicable.

We will also discuss with children, parents and relevant golf associations when we believe it is time to for them to enter and take part in our Scratch and Handicap Under 18 and Under 15 Order of merit events for boys or Scratch and Handicap Under 18 Order of merit events for girls and have the option to move on to more in depth coaching.

3.    "Open" Order of Merits, Under 18  and Under 15 for Boys, Under 18 for Girls

These events are for Boys and Girls who have official CONGU Handicaps. Once a child has decided to compete at this level we will give them the option regards our online coaching system, which will help regards statistics on their individual game and will allow the Professionals to organise specific coaching and management of the child’s game.

In this category no caddies are allowed.

There will be a number of events for boys/girls to play in over the summer season.

Gold (boys) In entering an event

Pink (Girls) In entering an event

In the order of merits, scratch and handicap, the top ten players in each section at end of the year will qualify for our “Race to Dunbar” Finals day at the end of the year.

Gold/Black; Qualifier for Finals day

Pink/White: Qualifier for Finals day

Throughout the boy/girls time with the Foundation we will monitor the child’s progress and will always be available for advice and guidance.

At all times our Professionals will work with the children/parents and if appropriate their own coach/professional or Association to ensure the child can improve their game, but ultimately to have fun playing golf.